Two Visionary Entrepreneur-Friends Set Outstanding Benchmarks to Embrace Success ‘Paramount Nutritions’ Eyes Global Majors for Diversification

Bangalore based Paramount Nutritions is a success story of two friends from divergent backgrounds. One fine morning, Mr. B. Krishnappa  & Rakesh kumar Agarwal thought of venturing into entrepreneurship to do something challenging. They decided to plunge into the food processing sector. All they have was an unfailing commitment to good business practices and set benchmarks to deliver unquestionable quality. They set up a unit and decided to make biscuits. They impressed upon the biscuit giant ‘Britannia’ that all they has was a commitment to time and quality. Soon their enterprise became the most-preferred business partner of Britannia. There was no looking back since. Today, they manufacture the premier line of biscuits for Britannia. They now have an eye on the global majors to embark on large-scale expansion programme.

We started with manufacturing Glucose Biscuit (Tiger Brand) at 2012 and soon our efforts were recognized & encouraged by Britannia we went on to add one more line and increased the production capacity.
The main reason of our success is our capability to deliver the right quality product with target of zero error. This trait has helped us to become the most preferred unit for Britannia. We are proud to say that the journey we started not long ago carried our determination to deliver the best quality and no compromise whatsoever and we knew that our unfailing commitment will make us stand out to face any competition.

Manufacturing of food products is always a challenging duty. We need to maintain consistent quality in the procurement of raw materials and process control. Maintaining right color, right appearance, right flavor, right taste, correct packing etc. are very important till the end product is consumed. With consumer democracy reaching new levels in recent times there has been a large paradigm shift in lifestyle and awareness on health. People are increasingly becoming conscious of dietary care its correlation to wellness and matching the new pace to their lives with improved nutritional and dietary habits, over and above the health and nutrition we are the business partner for Britannia Industries Limited.

The products that are being manufactured with us are fortified with vitamins & micro nutrients which is making us to march towards the elimination of malnutrition from the society.

We strictly adhere with process and quality standards set by Britannia and always believe in delivering quality, nutrient and healthy products to consumer to match Britannia’s punch line “Swasth Khao Tan Man Jagao” (Eat Healthy, Think Better).

We prefer quality rather than quantity. Quality is the only mantra to move ahead of other competitors in the field. We are delivering high quality products since last 5 years with lowest consumer complaints.


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