Government of India has introduced a company bill which makes at least 2% on CSR spending.  An overview of CSR activities at Paramount


Our business entity formulates a CSR policy to guide its strategic planning and provide a roadmap for its CSR initiatives, which is an integral part of overall business policy and aligned with its business goals. The core elements of CSR policy are Ethical functioning, Respect for Workers Rights and Welfare, Respect for Environment, Activities for Social and Inclusive Development. Introduction of CSR bill will make Companies should allocate specific amount in their budgets for CSR  activities. This amount may be related to profits after tax, cost of planned CSR activities or any other suitable parameter. In view implementing CSR bill adds actual delivering of required activities for better development of society. In India being a developing country, corporate industry plays an important role in the growth. Making 25 as CSR spending will make cooperated to focus on the CSR activities and will deliver in turn to society. In fact we are already doing a lot of work under CSR. Some of the initiatives are; providing drinking water in ABBAN KUPPE village, monthly feeding of orphanage children, and text book & note books distribution for school children etc.


  • Sponsored 1 lac litre capacity drinking water tank in abban kuppe village
  • Monthly feeding of orphanage children
  • Text book & note books distribution for school children
  • 20 chirlderns getting free education and hostel facilities.