Waste disposal is a critical issue facing most of the industries – Paramount has the solution


Avoiding waste throughout entire manufacturing cycle of our products is an important priority for Paramount Nutritions, as part of our commitment to preserve natural resources and to eliminate food wastage along the value chain. Our goal is zero waste and full recovery of unavoidable by-products. By-product is any material generated during the manufacture of a product that leaves the factory and is destined for reuse or recovery, including recycling, composting and incineration with energy recovery. More than 80% of the waste generated in our factories is reuse or recovered. We have own Sewage treatment plant  (STP) which process the entire sewage waste and the treated water is used for land spreading and utilizes. Our continuous focus is on reduction of energy consumption and non-biodegradable waste like laminates. We have an organic waste composition unit which converts 100% food waste to organic compost which is used for organic farming and gardening.


  • Zero Solid Waste Disposal
  • 100 % utilization of waste water for gardening after treatment
  • Continuous focus on reduction of energy consumption & non – biodegradable wastes e.g. laminate
  • Emission control through stack monitoring
  • Periodic plantation continuing for the past few years

Commited to environment cond

  • Inception of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in place of Furnace oil from Sep-2013 onwards.
  • Association with GAIL India Ltd (Gas Authority of India Limited).
  • LNG releases no smoke to the environment (100% Smoke free).
  • Handling of equipment made easy. Maintenance free burners.
  • Improved quality of baking. Best product to the consumer.
  • Reduction of energy consumption in comparison with Furnace oil.